Royal Tickets

Manage your UserVoice tickets

on iPhone and iPad



Manage your UserVoice tickets

Manage your UserVoice tickets

anytime, anywhere

The best UserVoice experience on iOS

Royal Tickets is a full featured UserVoice client for iPhone and iPad.
It gives you the power to answer, reassign, close, mark as spam and delete UserVoice support tickets.

Features that make your life easier

Answer tickets faster by inserting canned responses. Find tickets quickly by searching for a specific sender name or email address. Or directly jump to a specific ticket by entering the ticket number.
Royal Tickets also supports viewing and adding notes, configurable signatures and attachments.

Made for supporters on the go

Royal Tickets is the perfect tool for any UserVoice admin or agent on the go.


I’m a huge fan of UserVoice but I was always missing a good app for my iPhone/iPad. This app is a must have app for UserVoice users on iOS!

Review on the App Store by 'Geffl'

I’ve been waiting for an app that would allow me to manage my UserVoice queue on my mobile device without trying to use the web interface. This app allows me to perform the most common tasks that I want to do quickly. I can close tickets, reply with canned responses, and see all interactions on a single ticket.

Review on the App Store by 'EMLombardo'

Royal Tickets is a must-have tool when you are are using UserVoice as your CRM and if you want to work on your tickets on the go. I have tried to use the web interface on my iPhone/iPad - that's nothing, you wanna try at home - believe me.

Review on the App Store by 'Sargola'